Top 5 must have apps for iOS 7: Download now!

Apple revealed its most advanced iOS till date, iOS 7 with a number of new features and improvements. People do like to stay updated with such trendy tech updates and iOS 7 has become so popular over the world. If you have owned an iDevice and already updated it with this so advanced iOS 7, you might have to install a whole new set of apps on that particular updated device. Here we have enlisted the best and must have apps for your updated iDevice with iOS 7. You can’t be missed them up! 

Top 5 must have apps for iOS 7 :

1. Google Search :

Google Search

Google search is one of the most useful app which allows users to let search anything right from this app. There is no need to go on your phone’s web browser and opens Google’s website to search anything. You can search your desired thing from this app within a single tap. Moreover, Google has just updated this app which holds Google now feature. It lets you automatically update with the current weather, stocks up and down and all the other useful updates. With this, it carries a very decent and simple User Interface which looks a way better than its official website. You can own this app from the below link for your upgraded iOS 7 device.

2. Gmail :


When it comes to a list of must have apps, Google covers half a list and you too might well aware of it. If you have ever used an Android smartphone which is fully compatible with Google, holds each and every apps of Google including this Gmail app too. However, here we are talking about iOS devices and hence we need to download it and install it from a particular iOS place. Gmail is the best mailing tool available in the market and it provides a separate app to do the things within a Gmail account. It allows you to compose a mail, to send it, receive mail with a notification, can attach images, sort them up and many more things within this app. This is the only reason to have this amazing multitasking app for your device. Download it now!

3. Google Hangouts for iOS :

Google Hangouts

Google has just brought this app which replaced the most popular app, Google Talk. It allows users to let chat on with friends individually or you can make a group and start a new conversation with the people you have added them in your group. You can chat with video calling too. If you want to stay connected with your friends, you must have to keep this app on your newly upgraded iOS 7 device.

4. Skype for iOS :

Skype for iOS

This app doesn’t requires any word to describe. Skype is the best video calling app available for every kind of mobile smartphone. Not even a video calls, it allows users to let make voice calls over the world with a very cheap rates. This should be the first priority to make video calls for free to your friends and relatives who live abroad.

5. Yahoo Weather :

Yahoo Weather

The Yahoo Weather app looks much similar to the current Weather app of iOS 7 itself. This app lets you updated with the current weather reports instantly. You can see a decent background pic and one more interesting thing you would like is the way of it describes the current report. You can see this in the below image.