Apple iOS7: All You Need to Know About

Finally the day has come and we have a brand new iOS from Apple itself. Apple has just announced a newer version of its iOS with iOS 7. Apple’s WWDC 2013 brought some kind of innovative techno devices, as like always, with a brand new iOS 7. Talking about its previous WWDC, we had iOS 6 that time with more than 200 new features. And the same thing happened with this newer version, iOS 7. Let’s see what’s this new iOS 7 has brought for us.

iOS 7

Of course, it’s from Apple and hence here’s too some restriction about using this new iOS. There are only a few devices which can be eligible to upgrade with this new iOS 7. We will let you know all the devices which is compatible with this newer version at the end of this article. Before we move further let’s see some eye catchy new features of this recently announced new iOS from Apple, iOS 7.

iOS 7 New Features :

1. AirDrop :


Yes, AirDrop is now available for all of your iDevices. Talking about this feature, this feature was only available for OS X which is just compatible for iMac and Macbook. Apple has unleashed this feature to all the other iDevices. This is a new way to sharing your files and other stuff wirelessly. Yes, there is no need to attach any wire to share your files and documents to other devices, this feature holds all the things in it. This feature works on your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

2. Camera :

iOS 7 brings a newer version of its camera app which is compatible to capture a panorama images within your iDevices. However it is only compatible with a few iDevices like  iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch fifth generation, iPad Mini and iPad 3rd generation.

3. New Cam Filters :

New Camera App

Yes, this is what many of like us expecting from this new iOS update. You would have a number of new filters with this new Camera app from iOS 7. With this filters, you will be able to change the look and many things of your captured images. Yes, this feature works as same like on Instagram. You can make a decent picture within a few seconds just by adding this sort of cool features.

4. Notification Center :

Notification Center

New translucent background brought by iOS 7. There is no mini notification center by now, you would have a live and a full screened notification center with all the live updates. Like weather and traffic, events, appointments, missed calls and all the other. You can engage with this notification center just by swiping down on your device’s screen.

5. New Siri with Siri Eye for free :

New Siri

iOs 7 brings a new voice integration to this most amazing feature of iOS, Siri. With this new update you can actually recognize some kind of decent voice while you are integrating to this app. Yes, a whole new and fresh voice you would get with this new iOS 7 for your iDevices.

These were some of the new features of this app which had shown off by this current WWDC 2013. We can have some more insights when we are ready to update our iDevices. With this major updates some minor updates too are here with us. New icons, new native apps, new user interface and a lot many other things come along with this new update. Before we end up with this, take a look on the devices on which this new update is compatible.

Compatible devices :

iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad 2, iPad with retina display and iPad Mini.