Top 5 PS3 Games That You Will Addict to Play

If one’s primary gaming console is Sony’s PlayStation 3 then he/she should try our list of the top 5 PS3 games and get ready to get their minds blown. The top 5 PS3 games on the basis of popularity, gameplay, graphics, storyline, etc., in other words a complete package in a single game are as

Samsung Galaxy SV Rumors And Talks

We loved the last big release in line of smartphones from Samsung called as Galaxy S4. It is slim, light and full of amazing features, with a best big screen we have ever seen on any smartphone. But by now many of us have started wondering about the next release that would be the new

Top 5 Smart TV Remote Android Apps

It hasn’t been long enough that we were dealing with TV remote controls to change programs and volume controls. But, now things have changed dramatically and many apps have been developed to control your household appliances.  Controlling your smart TV with your Android smartphone has reached a new dimension with many TV controlling apps. But,

5 Best Free iPad Air Games

Apple has released their new share in the tablet market and its iPad Air. It’s fully capable of getting into the flagship wars of 7-inch tablets. iPad Air has already made some rivals like Galaxy Note 8.0, Microsoft Surface etc. What you can do with iPad Air is simply amazing. But, Apple has made this

Is PS3 Still Worth Buying After The Release of PS4?

After the release of Sony`s next PlayStation PS4, the big question people as now on forums and answers sites is that Is PS3 still is worth buying? Well the answer to that question differs with every different user and their needs. Here we will take you through all the features and price of both the